Sunday, May 30, 2010

McLaren Vale

Yesterday was a pleasure day. We drove to an area known as the McLaren Vale, a wine region. We started the day doing a corporate painting. This was very fun and most of us said we would do something like this at our next get together. We then stopped at Lloyd Brothers, olive growers. Next 4 stops were wineries. The second one, The Producers, we actually blended our own blend of wine. McLaren Vale is known more for their red wines which I do not personally drink but I took a sip or two. In addition to wine tours, this area also has art tours. After our six stops in the region, we go back into the city around 7pm.

This morning we did a two hour walking tour of Adelaide. This city is very easy to get around and the main city area is pretty compact. If you were in the center square (Victoria Square), you would only be a 10 minute walk in any direction to the main attractions. Tomorrow starts the actual Australia Tourism Exchange convention so time to start work.

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