Monday, October 31, 2011


Not sure if I am glad Qantas is back to flying or not. Australia is not a bad place to be stranded. I am enjoying the food and wine too much. Maybe it is a good thing they are flying or I would gain too much weight. Also another bad thing is my husband is not here with me. So, after spending the day at the Melbourne Cup (only horse race that stop an entire country), I will have to continue on my trip down to Tasmania and go home when planned on November 6th.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Australia to me is all about the people and the animals. This blog is all about the animals. While on Kangaroo Island (South Australia) we saw koalas, 1 echinda, seals & kangaroos. Today we went to Phillips Island (Victoria) and saw koalas and the famous little penguins. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are four thousand words…..

Southern Ocean Lodge

After the chocolate and wine pairing, we moved back into Adelaide to take a small plane (max 30 people) over to Kangaroo Island. It is a short flight at 20 minutes. By the time we arrived at Southern Ocean Lodge, the sun had set. I was impressed with the lodge the minute we walked in. It was too dark to see the view so the lobby as the main focal point. We walked over to the open bar and had more wine before our 9pm dinner which was another exceptional meal. I am not a foodie but I cannot stop talking about the food!
Once in bed, night 3 was the first night I slept straight through for 7 hours and when I woke, OMG what a view from the rooms! I do not believe there is any stop a guest goes that does not have this magnificent view of the ocean. My roommate and I were lucky and were assigned a family two bedroom suite and she was gracious enough to let me take the room with the tub in the bath.

Our first day was spent exploring the island. We first stopped at a spot to search for Koalas. Found five in three different trees, including a mother and her child. From there we went to the Remarkable Rocks and although I had been there before and the wind was blowing, it was interesting walking around these granite boulders. We then moved over to the New Zealand fur seal colony. There were not as many as I remembered from my last trip here. We stopped at a spot for an outdoor lunch of grilled King George White fish. We did stop one kangaroo on our way out of the field heading to Seal Bay. Here there were more of those seals laying on the beach then my previous trip. I believe there were more cubs also with their cute faces. It was a full day and we continued to Little Sahara (sand dune) and Vivonne Bay (voted best beach in 2002). Looked for little penguin babies in their burrows but I had no like seeing any. We then went to a field with over 50 kangaroos for a snack and you guessed it wine! Finally back to the lodge for another great dinner.

Day two at the lodge was to spend however we wanted. I am surprised nobody set up a spa treatment. I stayed in our living room tweeting and answering emails until midday. Enjoyed lunch (had the King George White fish again but this time battered as fish & chips). Did the optional Cliff walk with a lodge guide. After that it was time to pack. Our 48 hours on Kangaroo Island were over and time to fly to Melbourne. New city – new adventure, to be continued……      

Cruise with MY TRAVEL AGENT on Memorial Day 2012 in Alaska

Come and join MY TRAVEL AGENT as we sail to Alaska over Memorial Day 2012.  Onboard the beautiful Celebrity Infinity, we'll be sailing roundtrip out of Seattle with port stops in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria B.C.  The flyer below gives you all the basic info, call us at 800-388-7477 to get the rest of the details and to BOOK YOUR CABIN !!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calling all foodies !!

In my last blog I mentioned having eaten dinner last night at Appellations. What I did not mention was how great the food was! All the ingredients were so fresh and locally grown. Each course was a burst of favor, perfectly matched with a different wine. I am not a red wine drinker so they matched a white wine for me. The restaurant is an intimate small establishment (maximum seating is 48). To start we had an avocado mousse in red pepper paste triangle wrap. The asparagus with Hollandaise sauce & tarragon essence was so good. My favorite was the duck with a crisp onion side. Next course was the beef that was sooooo tender and good. Finally the meal was complete with a lemon tart with chocolate mousse on top.

Today we had lunch at Jacobs Creek Retreat and I cannot pick which meal I enjoyed more. Jacobs Creek Retreat is a bed & breakfast but you can purchase what they call the long lunch. It starts at 1pm and depending on if you do the three courses or twelve course your lunch could go on into the early evening. You can seat inside or outside under the trees. Normally they also have the different glass of wine with each course. Today we were greeted with a sparkling red wine and during lunch had the choice between two red wines. Lunch today started with sourdough bread with olive oil. They then brought out large platters with duck sausage with a chutney sauce, another platter had coral trout & a white fish, yet another platter with prawns, and final platter had beef with asparagus sauce on top & celery below. Almost forgot to mention the spinach salad with cheese and apple slices. The meal was completed with slices of mango with a nut and cream.

As if that was not enough we are now on our way to do a chocolate and wine pairing…..      

Monday, October 24, 2011

Once again MY TRAVEL AGENT heads Down Under .....

G’Day Mates: I departed LAX Friday night for my two week trip. Slept OK on the plane having a window seat to lean against the wall of the plane. Once we made it to Adelaide, checked into Oaks Plaza in Glenelg (a beach community), then went back into the city. Did a tour of the South Australia Museum. It was the last day of an exhibit that was very interesting art. There was an unmade bed as part of the exhibit. I learned I could move my bedroom to a museum and call it art! We then got fish & chips for dinner and ate in the room while watching the World Cup Rugby finals between New Zealand’s All Blacks and France. Good game and the All Blacks won.

Today was wine tasting in the Barossa valley. We started at Jacob’s Creek which I believe is the largest grape growers in the valley and then on to Rockford, a much smaller cedar door. Lunch as at Abbotford (a Bed & Breakfast). From there we moved to Penfeld’s to blend our own red wine. Not being a red wine drinker myself, I could not come up with anything I liked. We closed the day with checking out the rooms at Louise and eating a 5 course dinner with a different wine every course at Appellations.   

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oasis of the Seas

I started this post in August and it took until today to publish the post. This trip was taken in October of  2010.  When Michael set this cruise up, the intent was to have family join us to celebrate his 55th birthday onboard. As it turned out, only my brother, David and his wife, Lynn (whose birthday was the last day of the cruise) could join us.  Friday I dropped my dogs off for my sister to babysit while we were gone. About 15 or 20 minutes into the drive to Long Beach, Michael asked if I am going to call her to check on the dogs and I realized that I forget my cell phone. Since we had time, we turned around to get it. Flying from California, we took a red eye flight non stop on Jet Blue to Ft Lauderdale. Since we landed too early to head to the ship, we ate breakfast at an airport restaurant.

Once we got to the pier, it was just before 10am. We stood in a line of about 50 people for 3 to 5 minutes when they opened the check in windows. We were all checked in very quickly and seated upstairs based on our Crown & Anchor level. We were on the ship by 11am. Since you can not get into the staterooms until 1pm, we made our way up to the Windjammer and called Dave & Lynn. They were just going through the check in process and we told them where to find us.

Being a new ship with new innovations, we had to try something new and went with the Boardwalk view balcony stateroom near the end of the ship. From our balcony to the left we saw the Merry Go Round and to our right we saw the Aqua Theatre pool. Did the usual life boat drill and sail away party. Had an early dinner and then went to bed (remember did a red eye flight!). The negative with our cabin was I could hear the 10:30pm announcer of the Aqua Theatre show.

Next day was Michael's birthday and we had lunch reservations at Giovanni's Table in Central Park. Keep in mind that this ship holds over 5,000 passengers so making reservations in advance is a must. Great food!

This cruise was the end of October - beginning of November when Hurricane Tomas was out in the Atlantic. Therefore the captain decided to change the order of the ports and full days at sea. That meant having to stand in a few lines to juggle some of our advance show reservations. Due to the size of this ship and all the options we had, this vacation was very planned ahead. We only had 3 ports but a lot to do while onboard. We ate at 3 of the alternate (paid) restaurants (Giovanni's, Izumi Asian & Chops Grille), four of the free alternate restaurants (Park Cafe, Johnny Rockets for breakfast, Sorrento's Pizzeria & Cafe Promenade) in addition to Windjammer and our traditional dining table in Opus Main Dining room. We saw the Comedy show, Ice Skating show, the High Dive show, the Come Fly with Me (a Cirque du Soleil type show) and Splish Splash comedy dive show. I watched the Dancing Waters show from our balcony. My brother Dave is the only one of us that did the Zip Line and the Flow Rider. Michael & I did the Central Park walking tour. We had drinks in the Rising Tide bar from bottom to top and back down again. We went to the Halloween party in the Promenade. We participated in activities such as a Flip video scavenger hunt.

It was the largest ship afloat at that time (the Allure was not sailing yet) but we never felt like it was too big or too many people. I belive because the ship has several small initimate places. We also enjoyed constantly finding some new.