Monday, October 24, 2011

Once again MY TRAVEL AGENT heads Down Under .....

G’Day Mates: I departed LAX Friday night for my two week trip. Slept OK on the plane having a window seat to lean against the wall of the plane. Once we made it to Adelaide, checked into Oaks Plaza in Glenelg (a beach community), then went back into the city. Did a tour of the South Australia Museum. It was the last day of an exhibit that was very interesting art. There was an unmade bed as part of the exhibit. I learned I could move my bedroom to a museum and call it art! We then got fish & chips for dinner and ate in the room while watching the World Cup Rugby finals between New Zealand’s All Blacks and France. Good game and the All Blacks won.

Today was wine tasting in the Barossa valley. We started at Jacob’s Creek which I believe is the largest grape growers in the valley and then on to Rockford, a much smaller cedar door. Lunch as at Abbotford (a Bed & Breakfast). From there we moved to Penfeld’s to blend our own red wine. Not being a red wine drinker myself, I could not come up with anything I liked. We closed the day with checking out the rooms at Louise and eating a 5 course dinner with a different wine every course at Appellations.   

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