Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Calling all foodies !!

In my last blog I mentioned having eaten dinner last night at Appellations. What I did not mention was how great the food was! All the ingredients were so fresh and locally grown. Each course was a burst of favor, perfectly matched with a different wine. I am not a red wine drinker so they matched a white wine for me. The restaurant is an intimate small establishment (maximum seating is 48). To start we had an avocado mousse in red pepper paste triangle wrap. The asparagus with Hollandaise sauce & tarragon essence was so good. My favorite was the duck with a crisp onion side. Next course was the beef that was sooooo tender and good. Finally the meal was complete with a lemon tart with chocolate mousse on top.

Today we had lunch at Jacobs Creek Retreat and I cannot pick which meal I enjoyed more. Jacobs Creek Retreat is a bed & breakfast but you can purchase what they call the long lunch. It starts at 1pm and depending on if you do the three courses or twelve course your lunch could go on into the early evening. You can seat inside or outside under the trees. Normally they also have the different glass of wine with each course. Today we were greeted with a sparkling red wine and during lunch had the choice between two red wines. Lunch today started with sourdough bread with olive oil. They then brought out large platters with duck sausage with a chutney sauce, another platter had coral trout & a white fish, yet another platter with prawns, and final platter had beef with asparagus sauce on top & celery below. Almost forgot to mention the spinach salad with cheese and apple slices. The meal was completed with slices of mango with a nut and cream.

As if that was not enough we are now on our way to do a chocolate and wine pairing…..      

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