Saturday, October 29, 2011

Southern Ocean Lodge

After the chocolate and wine pairing, we moved back into Adelaide to take a small plane (max 30 people) over to Kangaroo Island. It is a short flight at 20 minutes. By the time we arrived at Southern Ocean Lodge, the sun had set. I was impressed with the lodge the minute we walked in. It was too dark to see the view so the lobby as the main focal point. We walked over to the open bar and had more wine before our 9pm dinner which was another exceptional meal. I am not a foodie but I cannot stop talking about the food!
Once in bed, night 3 was the first night I slept straight through for 7 hours and when I woke, OMG what a view from the rooms! I do not believe there is any stop a guest goes that does not have this magnificent view of the ocean. My roommate and I were lucky and were assigned a family two bedroom suite and she was gracious enough to let me take the room with the tub in the bath.

Our first day was spent exploring the island. We first stopped at a spot to search for Koalas. Found five in three different trees, including a mother and her child. From there we went to the Remarkable Rocks and although I had been there before and the wind was blowing, it was interesting walking around these granite boulders. We then moved over to the New Zealand fur seal colony. There were not as many as I remembered from my last trip here. We stopped at a spot for an outdoor lunch of grilled King George White fish. We did stop one kangaroo on our way out of the field heading to Seal Bay. Here there were more of those seals laying on the beach then my previous trip. I believe there were more cubs also with their cute faces. It was a full day and we continued to Little Sahara (sand dune) and Vivonne Bay (voted best beach in 2002). Looked for little penguin babies in their burrows but I had no like seeing any. We then went to a field with over 50 kangaroos for a snack and you guessed it wine! Finally back to the lodge for another great dinner.

Day two at the lodge was to spend however we wanted. I am surprised nobody set up a spa treatment. I stayed in our living room tweeting and answering emails until midday. Enjoyed lunch (had the King George White fish again but this time battered as fish & chips). Did the optional Cliff walk with a lodge guide. After that it was time to pack. Our 48 hours on Kangaroo Island were over and time to fly to Melbourne. New city – new adventure, to be continued……      

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