Sunday, May 30, 2010

A VERY photogenic koala !!

After being the last ones to board the Murray Princess yesterday, we were the first ones off today. We disembarked at Murray Bridge. We then drove into the Adelaide Hills region to a town by the name of Hahndorf. This town was settled by Germans. Once again our group helped the economy by shopping. We drove a little out of town into a nature reserve, Cleland. Since it was raining we did not get as much time to explore the park but our guide did take us (between the drops) to see the dingo, Tasmania Devils and have my picture taken with Belle. She was a fairly large koala, I believe she's about 3 years old.
We then went back towards Handorf to a winery, The Lane, for lunch. Since we were enjoying ourself so much, we were late leaving and that caused us to cut our time short at the South Australia Museum when we did arrive in Adelaide. The museum closes at 5pm sharp.

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