Saturday, May 29, 2010

Broken Tooth

This blog entry was written two days ago but I could not post it since we did not have internet access.

5/27/10 --  This morning we left Warrnambool and stopped in Port Fairy. Did a site inspection (walk through) of a B&B by the name of “Oscar”. We found ourselves waiting past the departure time. Some agents were doing show & tell on their purchases when Jeff, one of the organizers, came and informed us that the bus driver broke a tooth. He was in so much pain that he actually passed out. They found him a doctor and we were going to have to adjust our itinerary and stay longer in Port Fairy. It was a cute town so nobody really minded. We helped their economy by shopping and having lunch there. Around 2pm, the bus driver was cleared to drive. We then continued into South Australia. It was funny because when we did cross state lines, the sun came out. John, our representative from South Australia, said he arranged the sun. Of course being Fall here, it did not last. Went to dinner at an old restaurant and new B&B by the name of The Barn in Mount Gambier, where we spent the night.

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