Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fiji - day 3 & 4

Early to bed, early to rise. We enjoyed breakfast outside on a deck at the Radisson Blu resort prior to checking out (quick 24 hour stay) and taking a taxi to the Port. Walked around the shops and stopped in at the Hard Rock. Around noon we boarded a catamaran to take us out to the Fiji Princess currently docked out in the Sacred Islands. This trip took about two hours but we were already socializing with another couple from Tampa, Florida and drinking champagne. We arrived at our ship around 2pm. Could have changed into our swimsuits and gone to shore but we decided to stay onboard and explore the ship. It is a small ship so not too much to explore. I happened to be on deck with my camera at sunset and started to click away. My husband had fallen asleep while reading. Therefore I went off to dinner alone. I happened to join a group of 8 or 9 travel writers. By 9:30pm, I too was asleep.
Another early morning but I managed to sleep in until 6am. Since I had the sunset the day before, I headed out of the cabin in hunt for the sunrise. 
While we were eating breakfast the ship was moving north. Around 9:30am we were tied up to a Coconut tree at Nanuya Lailai Island.  You could jump off the back of the vessel but we took the tender ashore. We staked out our beach chairs and made our way to the water to snorkel. The crew took some people out on a boat to feed fish while the people in the water (like us) got to be swarmed by the fish. We then moved over to a small reef. After the BBQ lunch on the beach, there was a basket waving and coconut demonstration. We went onboard early to freshen up before going back to the beach for our Lovo dinner (similar to a Hawaiian Laua or New Zealand Hangi). Of course I have now decided to take sunsets and sunrises to post on Pinterest and therefore when we got back on the beach my camera was clicking away as the sunset. After our Lovo dinner, a local village came to provide a dance show. Back onboard around 9 or 9:30pm.

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