Friday, June 6, 2014

Fiji 2014 - day 1 & 2

It was my first time in the Bradley terminal since they added all the shopping area. Our Fiji Airways flight was on time taking off (11:30pm). Although they serve dinner shortly after takeoff, I was already half way to sleep. Since the plane was full and my husband always gets the window, it was nice to have an aisle seat instead of the middle between people. I actually slept well. Wake up just before breakfast was served.

Since we were too early for a room, we walked around the Radisson Blu and took pictures. Here are a few:


At 8am when the activities desk opened, we set up a tee time at the Denaru Golf Course. Shortly after we learned a room was ready for us (8:30am).  We were able to freshen up before walking over to the course. We went our as a twosome. The course had more water than you can see from the road. I was thinking it was going to be too easy a course but it had just enough challenge.

After our 18 holes, we had lunch and a beer.  Having been awake since 3am and having a little exercise playing golf, I did everything I could to stay awake until 7:30pm.

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