Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 1 of 2015 New Zealand trip

To keep my Kiwi Specialist status with the tourist board, I must go to New Zealand at least every 5 years. So guess where I am now. In order to see as much as possible in a week, this trip has us moving about every 24 hours to a new city or area.
I left LAX on Monday night on an Air New Zealand non-stop flight to Auckland. We must have been on a fairly new plane because everything looked fresh and worked. I skipped the midnight dinner in favor of sleep. I do not sleep well on planes but lucky for me the plane was not full and there was more room to spread out. I did however enjoy a movie (The Theory of Everything) on my individual screen in the seat and breakfast before landing to a nice day for fall.

After checking in to the Langham Hotel, we were taken over to the SkyCity center where we enjoyed a yum ch style lunch at Jade Dragon. This is a very beautifully designed Asian ambience restaurant. They have two private restaurants and intimate booth seating. Then down to the Harbour and we did the American Cup sailing. In a previous trip to Auckland I had done a sailing trip of the harbor but have decided I like the America’s Cup vessel better. You actually get to help with cranking up the sails. Then it was back to the Langham hotel for our one night. It was a beautiful day out on the water.  It was also a lot of fun to experience the boat as it lend into the water.

The Langham hotel has 411 rooms and suites with a 5 star rating. It is within easy walking distance of parks, shopping, cafes and restaurants but I think it is a bit of a long walk down to the harbor. The only place I walked to was a bank to convert US dollars to New Zealand money. This evening we enjoyed dinner from the Eight Restaurant. Enjoy as many sumptuous courses as you like from eight delicious cuisines, freshly prepared to order. At this restaurant you can enjoy as many sumptuous courses as you like (buffet style) from eight delicious cuisines. I personally enjoyed the seafood bar with all the shrimp and crab legs. There is also Asian, Indian and American, to name a few.

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