Friday, September 30, 2011

Pacific Coastal cruise

I always have good intentions. Last week I had planned on blogging everyday on my Pacific Coastal cruise, especially since I figured I would not get off at every port (Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego & Ensenada). Well, here it is day 7 and this is only my second blog post!  I guess since I am traveling with several people I know, I am busier than expected. Being a Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce fundraiser we have had our own Happy Hour party on the first day at sea and another one tonight for our last night onboard. Went walking along State Street in Santa Barbara, went to Ghirardelli Square and took cable car to Powell & Market to have a drink and people watch in San Francisco. Yesterday in San Diego we got off for lunch at Anthony’s. Right now the ship is in Ensenada but I am finally staying onboard. I am currently writing this on a lounge chair by the pool. Too noisy on our balcony since we are on the land side of the ship and forward by where the seals lay on the rocks. They are quite loud and talkative. Well, time to go to lunch. I am enjoying this cruise  so much I can’t believe we get off tomorrow! Good thing I went this morning to the Future Cruise desk and paid a reduced deposit to get shipboard credit on my next Princess cruise (I have 4 years to book it).

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