Monday, July 26, 2010

Summertime Tree Trimming !!

This isn't really a travel related post, but since I believe in rewarding exemplary customer service, let me tell you about what happened over the weekend .....

We have several large eucalyptus trees just past the block wall of our back yard, which provide us with a little bit of shade, a little break from the wind when it's gusty, and a little bit of privacy from our neighbor's backyards on the other side of the street.

Saturday afternoon Paula was watching TV in the back bedroom when she witnessed one of the larger branches split off from one of the trees and come crashing down into our backyard.  No one got hurt, and there was minimal damage to the backyard landscaping.

The branch was a little too big for me a deal with by myself, plus I don't own a chainsaw to cut it up, so Monday morning I called the local City of Chino Hills Public Works Dept.

Within an hour of my call, two of the local supervisors were at our house to assess the damage, and within an hour after that, a crew was onsite removing the fallen branch.  For good measure, they decided that the tree the branch had fallen from was too close to our backyard block wall, so they completely cut it down as well.

 All of this was accomplished in a completely safe and VERY professional manner, for which we are very grateful.  THREE CHEERS to all the Public Works guys who helped us out with this little dilemma, and as a twenty two year resident of Chino Hills, it's great to know that my city listens and responds quickly to requests from its citizens. 

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